Friday, November 04, 2005

Fancy that!

“Only a fool takes anything for granted in politics (ask David Davis), but Gordon Brown will be the next Labour leader unless something astounding happens.” Siôn Simon, The Guardian, 4 November, 2005.

“(Charlie Whelan) is the only man left in the kingdom who still really believes that Gordon Brown will one day be prime minister. He is the last descendant of a once proud line, the final keeper of the one true faith.” Siôn Simon, The Spectator, 14 March 1998.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

New Kid On The Blog

Check out the latest big-hitter on the British political blog scene - mysteryspindoctor, a self-confessed former merchant of the machiavellian arts.

Thanks to his/her unique “insider’s eye” we've already had the following remarkable insights into the Tory leadership campaign -

Thursday October 13 (on David Cameron and drugs): “I suspect that he’s been ambitious since being very young. There is a strong chance he’s never taken any drugs at all so that he can never be caught out. I’m not sure though.”

Thanks for that, we're all so much the wiser!

Monday October 17: “Worst of all is to be David Cameron.”

Sell Cameron, sell Cameron!

Oh, shit!

Wednesday October 19: “For Liam Fox it’s an easy spin. A rapid increase in votes and a loss for his main rival on the right makes it easy for him to portray himself as the realistic alternative for rightwingers. Liam Fox is also a photogenic and eloquent politician – more attractive to MPs in many ways than David Davis.”

Buy Fox! Buy Fox!

Oh, shit!

Can’t imagine why this person is an ex-spin doctor.

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